4 Tier Adjustable Shelf Bathroom Organiser Corner Shower Shelf Caddy Holder 70cm : OK product but not totally as expected.

4 Tier Adjustable Shelf Bathroom Organiser Corner Shower Shelf Caddy Holder 70cm : OK product but not totally as expected.

Generally product is good but after one month of a use some of the tiers can not hold any shampoo bottles. I think reason for it that supporting rubber ring got loose.

It was a cheap item and i wasn’t expecting a lot from it. As my house has artex ceilings and coving (yes, i know; awful) i wanted to see if my shower enclosure would even take a telescopic organiser. And this is okay for the guest room. Also, i didn’t realise until too late, that you have to make sure it is the correct way up or the water runs into the pole where it causes the pole to rust.

Easy to assemble, but requires moderate strength to compress/install, depending on your floor to ceiling height. I guess you could cut down the rod, if necessary though (i didn’t). Shelves are plastic with holes for drainage, and are affixed to the poles by wedging onto rubber o-rings, which you can move up and down. Works better than it sounds, and shelves support full, large, shampoo bottles without any problem. The chrome/stainless steel versions also available via amazon probably look nicer, but cost 5x as much. This one works fine, and is just as easy to order via amazon as from betterware’s own website. Main pros, as far as i am concerned, is no drilling of tiles, and enough space to store everything you might reasonably need. Here are the specifications for the 4 Tier Adjustable Shelf Bathroom Organiser Corner Shower Shelf Caddy Holder 70cm:

  • Rust-proof materials: Durable, long-lasting materials won’t rust or discolour,4 Shelves ,Easy To Fit.No tools needed: Just extend the caddy to install
  • White Telescopic Shower Corner Unit…Fits from ceiling to bath or ceiling to floor
  • An investment for a sleek, stylish and practical kitchen or bathroom caddy look no further than our range. With this space-saving storage solution, simply use the strong suction pads for maximum convenience, with no need to attempt fiddly fittings.
  • You can now have everything instantly to hand when you shower, with no bending to the floor or over reaching to distant shelves or cabinets! Shampoo, soap, conditioner, shower gel, shaving gel, razor, toothbrush, flannel, there’s more than enough room for everything

I was unsure about this item from the negative reviews but thought i’d take a punt for less than fifteen quid. Product was well packaged though as soon as i put it together i found that the whole thing is waaaaaay too long to fit in my shower. Got the husband to trim down one of the poles with a dremel tool and this has done the trick. Fits perfectly and has strong tension even with a 250ml shampoo bottle and other various bits and pieces. The shelves are adjusted and stay in place using an elastic which sounds crazy but totally does the job. I am glad i bought this rather than the simple human one which comes in at hundred quid.

Good price,enough shelfs to hold stuff. Is quite hard to put up on the bath corner to the seeling and can’t put loads of stuff on the shelves as won’t hold lots of heavy things. I also couldn’t use the last pole as it would of made it to tall. It’s also very hard as you have to pull down do the spring to compress and mine got stuck and now doesn’t move.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Bathroom organiser
  • Telescopic 4 tier shower organiser pole
  • 4 tier adjustable bathroom organiser

4 tier adjustable bathroom organiser. I looked at some unfavourable reviews on this item but decided to purchase one anyway. Arrived well packed and easy to assemble. Found it quite sturdy and adequate for my use. With a couple of bottles of what one uses in the bath or shower. (i don’t want to hang buckets of water on). Would recommend it to anyone wanting one.

Like the majority of other reviewers, i had to purchase a small saw to cut the one of the rods as it was far too long with all the rods and just too short with 2. I wouldn’t say it was overly sturdy now that it’s fitted but it also doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall over either. The shelves are reasonably thick plastic and they actually do seem pretty sturdy- i can put a bottle of shampoo and a pot of body wash on one shelf and it doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall over. To ensure the shelves stayed where i wanted them to, i put the rings the rod, slipped the shelf over top and then used a butter knife to push the rubber ring as far up under the shelf as i could. If it had seen it in person first i probably wouldn’t have bought it and would have tried to find something else but in the end, it serves it’s purpose and i wouldn’t say i’m entirely displeased with it, i just wouldn’t necessarily recommend it.