Acrylic Corner Shelf tough 5mm acrylic : Great acrylic shelf.

Acrylic Corner Shelf tough 5mm acrylic : Great acrylic shelf.

I think the glass ones are better but these are nearly as good. I think the glass ones are better but these are nearly as good. Wrong size delivered initially but they sent new ones out quickly.

Looks nice, some structural issues. Since it only has two points of contact with the wall, the shelf has a tendency to wobble back and forth, which makes it seem unsteady. This could be fixed by adding a second set of supports. Other than that, it looks very nice, and it does hold up a good amount of stuff, which is generally what i want a shelf to do.

Great product , excellent service. Delivered promptly and well packaged. Exactly as described and with clear instructions. The clear shelves have a slight greenish tinge but i think that replicates the look of real glass.

Key specs for Acrylic Corner Shelf tough 5mm acrylic – size 200mm – approx 8″ – Glass Effect:

  • DIMENSIONS: 200mm X 200mm
  • Made from 5mm thick (Perspex Brand) acrylic
  • Chrome fixings, screws and general rawl plugs included
  • Available in various colours

Comments from buyers

“Excellent product and easy to fit., So much safer than glass!, Great product , excellent service!!”

Useful item, very pleased with it.

Exactly what i needed to put my router on. Good quality acrylic that looks just like glass and with strong fittings, all delivered in a well protected package.

Excellent product and easy to fit. . Excellent shelf for the price. Am much happier to use use plastic over glass as it is probably a lot safer. I fitted the brackets in a position similar to the picture on here and it is very stable and surprisingly enough, holds quite a lot. Highly recommended and very quick to fit. ***a few tips if you need to be drilling tiles to fit this***firstly, make sure you use either a masonry drill bit or better still proper tile drills. Put masking tape on the area to be marked as this will steady the drill bit and give it something ‘ to bite on ‘ when starting to drill the hole. Make sure you drill direct into a tile rather than into the grout as this will tend to chip the tiles and lastly, do not use hammer action whilst drilling the tile until you have drilled through it and are drilling into plaster and brick. Hope this review helps and gives you the confidence to buy reassured that it is an excellent product.