Bathroom Mirror- TOILET Door SIGN 15cmAcrylic

Bathroom Mirror- TOILET Door SIGN 15cmAcrylic

Product Description:

* Quick & Easy to hang in 4 simple steps:
1. remove the mirror
from the packaging;
2. remove the protective film before mounting the
3. remove the paper backing from the strong adhesive tape
4. choose your area and stick on. PLEASE NOTE: The adhesion of the
tape is very strong. Practice to ensure that you can align the mirror in the
correct position before removing the backing paper from adhesive tape. Area
should be dry, smooth and not recently painted.

Mirrors are highly reflective surface with sharper image than standard
glass mirrors. They are cut from high-quality, specialised mirrored acrylic.

*They also have the added advantage of being much lighter,
shatterproof, impact resistant and therefore safer. These mirrors are
3mm thick
which is as normal glass mirrors, but are 10 times stronger
and weigh 80% less.

* PLEASE NOTE: We highly recommend
that mounting instructions are followed appropriately as buyer would be liable
for any damage caused due to inappropriate mounting.

specialise in creating and cutting unique designs and mirrors, where you can be
100% assured of the quality of our acrylic mirror. All of our mirrors
are cut in our workshop using laser technology to give the best possible finish
and with smooth edges. We are proud of our customer services ensuring that all
of our customers are always satisfied since we believe that a Happy Customer
will always be our customer.

*We post our mirrors
– email us your requirements for the postage quote.

Comments for this product:

It’s very good for the price I paid. I am very pleased with how it looks and it was very easy to fix on the door. Arrived very quickly and packaged very well.

The picture of this sign is very confusing ,i ordered it as I liked the background and it looked really good ,when it came it was
very flimsy.i asked for a refund but I was told they would deduct part of my refund for postage. I will not be using this seller

Will help to distinguish the various doors in our hallway – Especially helpful for example for those with memory problems – or visitors generally.

Bought this for my downstairs cloaks as people are always mistaking my coat cupboard for the loo. Only used the piece with ‘Toilet’ written on it as it was big enough without using the other ”bits’.

Nice sign, easy to attach.
Looks nice in place, not cheap and tacky.
Had some slight mishaps as they sent me two of one part and was missing another.
However they responded straight away and once I’d returned the item free of charge,
they dispatched the new item very rapidly. Thank You