Charmax 7x Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

Charmax 7x Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

Product Description:

Perfect Makeup Mirror
Featuring an adjustable, easy-lock suction
cup, an extendable and rotatable arm, and 7X magnification that your average
mirror, our versatile vanity mirror gives you just the right amount of natural
light so you can put on lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, or use other
grooming items.

Innovative Locking Design
Our proprietary
easy-lock suction mechanism allows you to securely attach this mirror on another
mirror or other flat surfaces in the bathroom. It takes no more than 5 seconds
to install this mirror. Simply attach, twist, and lock the mirror in place.

Illuminate While You Magnify
30% brighter and 70% less energy

Illuminate While You Magnify
30% brighter and 70% less energy
than incandescent bulbs. Our mirror is equipped with energy-efficient daylight
LEDs that will brighten your face, and provide you with natural daylight for the
most natural look.

Ultimate Portability
You can detach the suction cup with a

Ultimate Portability
You can detach the suction cup with a
simple twist (to unlock). Bring it with you on your next trip. It’s perfect for
traveling with a beautiful velvet bag, taking up fewer than 1/2 sq ft. of space
in your luggage.

Great Features:
? Wireless & Cordless
? 5.2″

Great Features:
? Wireless & Cordless
? 5.2″
High-Clarity Viewing
? 8.6 oz Extremely Lightweight
? 7x
? 360¡ã Adjustable Swivel
? Natural Daylight LEDs
Includes BONUS Velvet Travel Bag

* The Charmax mirrors require a clean, flat

* The Charmax mirrors require a clean, flat
surface of 3″x3″ or larger or the suction will not work
* The Charmax
mirror will adhere to flat surfaces such as marble, ceramic, enamel, acrylic,
porcelain, and other mirrors. This will not stick to surfaces with drywall,
stucco, wallpapers, or any other textured type of wall.
* Requires three
AAA batteries (not included)

? Backed by a 100% RISK FREE Money Back Guarantee! If you are not

? Backed by a 100% RISK FREE Money Back Guarantee! If you are not
satisfied with our mirror, we will give you a full refund.

Comments for this product:

The Charmax 7x Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror.

Its natural warm LED provides 475 Lux light that you will encounter throughout the day.
It has an energy efficient design.
Its powerful 7X magnification allows you to see every detail of your entire face.( should you want to!!!! )
It is ideal for makeup applications and precise tweezing.( ouch!! )
It has a unique locking suction and flexible 360 degree swivel arm that makes it easy to use anywhere at any angle.
It is a cordless, portable and battery-operated travel mirror that takes up to less than 1/2 square foot of space.
A beautiful velvet bag is included.

It looks good to.

I like this product.


Good suction, for those that need it (a-hum)

As others have said the magnification is very strong, you can’t sand back and look at yourself, you need to be within a foot or two of the mirror.

The magnification is strong and clear, you will be able to see every wrinkle with more detail than you care for 🙂

The light is also very strong, unfortunately it’s an on or off light and the brightness can’t be varied, I found it too bright and was happy when the batteries stared to run out.

All in all, expensive but better than average. I wish other products had a suction base like this product, it’s the strongest suck I’ve every had.

This is a very good mirror. It is made of thick white plastic and has suction pad at the foot. This means mirror can stand very steadily on counter top but you can also take it up in your hands, it can also be stuck on most smooth surfaces and will hold steady. The mirror is very versatile and can be angled in almost any direction. The mirror offers 7x magnification and if I am honest I did not like what I saw. Its a bit of a shock to see lines , wrinkles and blemishes magnified. However it will be ideal for shaving, applying makeup or plucking eye brows.There is a light around the perimeter of the mirror which is operated by a switch at the back and powered by 3AAA batteries. It comes in a black velvet like drawstring back and is very portable. The mirrors in many hotel rooms are too high for me so this would be of held. As it folds almost flat it would take little room. I find it very useful and like it very much

I have genuinely been very impressed with this beauty mirror. It’s such a simple, yet effective design. The mirror is very sturdy. There are hidden LED lights surrounding the mirror. They provide quite a natural light, so it’s easy to apply my make-up correctly. The mirror works from 3 x AAA, so you don’t have to worry about finding a plug point for it. It’s lightweight and easy to wipe clean – so if I wanted to take it with me on my travels, I could. I particularly like that I can attach it to the tiled wall in my bathroom using the suction cup! Based on my experience with it, I am very happy to recommend it!

My pictures show you how it looks when it arrives. Based on my experience with it, I’m more than happy to recommend it! I am leaving feedback based on my own personal experience, but under Amazon regulations, I need to disclose that I bought the mirror with a deduction l in order to pass over my thoughts on it. If you have any questions on my experience with this product please just ask – I’ll be happy to help!

Don’t really feel it’s worth 22.99, a tenner maybe. Quality wise there is nothing wrong with it – well built and sturdy, the led ring is bright and being around the mirror works similarly to a ring flash so it’s hyper illuminating and visibility is strong. The suction cup doesn’t work on frosted glass and it fell off my shower glass even when attached using the screw mechanism (like what Sat Navs have) so I have to say 3 stars, plus the fact that the 7x magnification is a bit much when it would actually be nicer to have a normal mirror, as this is useful as a travelling/camping mirror particularly with the battery light and suction for a car, it’s a tiny bit defunct in a household bathroom in my opinion.