Choose a living room sofa

Choose a living room sofa

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The living room was not complete without the presence of a set of soft and comfortable sofa. For the choice of sofa itself there are many models of sofas with varying price range. But it must be admitted, it is not easy to find a sturdy sofa so durable family accompany tens of years.

There are at least three important elements of the sofa or chair that affect the usage life. First part of the frame, second suspension or per, and last foam that determines the comfort of a couch.

Some manufacturers have provided complete information about the materials they use to make the sofa. It’s good you ask more about the three important elements of the sofa. To help you choose a quality living room sofa, will explain more about the following three elements of the sofa.

1. Frame

Frame Material. Framework used to support the sofa usually use solid wood materials or wood engineered. This material is known to be sturdy and durable. Avoid choosing recycled wood materials such as medium-density fiberboard (MDF), particle board, or standard plywood.

Construction Frame. As important as the frame material, the fitting construction also affects the comfort and sturdiness of your sofa. There are several methods of pooling the wood used by craftsmen or sofa manufacturers. But avoid the frames that are joined together with a bolt and glue, or an iron link that brings two pieces of wood together. This method makes the framework vulnerable to broken and damaged.

2. Suspension or Per

If you spend a lot of time researching to find quality furniture, then the suspension should be one of the main concerns. Suspension is part of the couch that supports the foam whose function makes sitting comfortable and slightly bounced. There are many types of suspensions used by the manufacturer when designing the couch.

The principle of eight-way hand-tied is often a reference to check the quality of the sofa suspension is quite expensive. Way by pressing the back of the sofa, and you can feel the separate reflections between the fabric sofa.

As for the lower-priced sofa, the Sinuous springs principle is often used to test the quality of furniture. This type of suspension is made of zig zag-shaped metal arranged in a row on the front of the sofa.

3. Foam Stand

As the outermost part, choosing a quality cradle foam is very important. For foam holder, there are several types of foam wrapped by polyester fiber material. The center of the foam has a thickness of at least 4 inches. Meanwhile, for the foam that the price of middle to upper will have a foam center that is wrapped each form a foam group. The faster the foam then it can form a nice body body and durable.

Avoid choosing foam that is too soft or too hard because it is not comfortable and quickly change shape. As for the back foam, usually only filled by polyester fibers or a combination with foam. Thickness is thinner and harder to be able to become a comfortable backrest.

Tips: when shopping for a sofa, you can open the zipper leather sofa on the backrest to see the arrangement of materials in it, make sure no fur or foam fibers are pushed out.

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