Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror with

Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror with

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I have purchased several of the original MK1 series Shower Mirrors (those without LED).
In Mar 2012 I purchased the Deluxe version with LED for the main shower room.
For the first few weeks it was OK then I noticed having filled the vessel with water it would occasionally tilt forward on the ratchet.
Gradually this has become worse and worse until now I can only spray the face of the unit with warm water to keep the mirror clear.
The ratchet mechanism appears to be identical to the original series 1, no allowance had been made for the extra weight.
I had previously posted a negative review, however I totally retract my criticisms as Toilettree Products have reacted very rapidly and positively with a solution which is totally acceptable

I’ve used a much inferior shaving mirror for years, and this addressed all the problems I always complained about. It is very well secured into the wall and the size of the mirror is ideal for shaving. The anti-fog function is also perfect and never fails. I’m not sure there is any need however for the LED lights – both me and my parner can’t see this is necessary, and infact it perhaps is too bright and works better without. Otherwise absoluelty perfect and would definately recommend

It’s actually a great product but the backlight stopped working after a couple days with rusted battery contacts and batteries.

*I would still highly recommend for shelf for razor is useful.
*Easy to install. I do recommend purchasing proper sealant glue so it doesn’t fall off the wall as it did with me, despite following the instructions exactly.
*The mirror is not made of glass (fortunately for weight/safety), this does mean water marks are more prominent and quickly build up so you cannot see well. After a quick clean with Jiff it comes back to normal again.

I decided to get a mirror for the shower since I started wet shaving my head recently.
After allot of research I decided to go for this one.

It only took a few minutes to install – simply attach the supplied stickers and silicone gel to the holder and stick it on the shower wall. It feels sturdy to me.

I would recommend getting the deluxe version as it’s just the right size, I would imagine the smaller version being a bit too small. This one gives you a good view of your face without taking up too much room on the wall, and it never fogs up as long as you remember to fill it with warm shower water first.

I don’t really see the point of the LED lights – I’ve never even bothered to install the supplied batteries. Maybe if your bathroom isn’t very bright they might be useful.

One piece of advice – be careful about where in the shower you are installing it. I placed mine where it is not in direct firing line from the shower head, so I get very few splashes on it.

All in all, highly recommended.

UPDATE: 2 years on and this mirror is still working very well.

Another UPDATE : Almost 4 years on and the mirror is still going strong.

Great product, works nicely without drilling holes in the wall and is a good size and stays up so meets all my requirements. Built in squeegy a great idea.. if only all products were made with this level of innovation and simplicity.

Led lights aren’t enough on their own but why are you showering in the dark with a razerblade anyway? 😉