InterDesign Fog Resistant Flex Shower Mirror,

InterDesign Fog Resistant Flex Shower Mirror,

Product Description:

The InterDesign Fog Resistant Flex Shower Mirror fits standard plumbing.
Screw mirror connector onto shower head pipe, attach mirror to the flex arm, and
turn on water. Adjust water control valve to allow hot water to pass through
mirror and eliminate fog.

Box Contains

Comments for this product:

Scratched mirror face while trying to remove packaging. Cardboard behind suction pads is impossible to remove.
Also damaged one suction pad while trying to remove cardboard.
Fallen off tiled wall for the second time in 10 minutes.
I’ll put this purchase down to a big mistake, it’s in the trash

Very disappointed with this item which I purchased from for half the price that it sells for in the UK and had my brother bring it over on his visit, Big mistake! whilst I really like the design, the mirror is made of thin plastic which distorts and reduces the image badly, if anything you want a mirror to magnify, not reduce! Ours was also scratched despite being sealed in its packet, I ended up having a piece of proper mirror glass cut to size to make it usable as I didn’t want to ask my brother to take it back with him and return it, so I’m very glad I didn’t pay £24 for it.
It’s worth mentioning that the suction cups on the back are threaded so they can be unscrewed for those who would prefer to silicone the item to the wall to prevent dents in your shower tray.

Great mirror that worked well initially. Although the anti most coating did wear off quite quickly resulting in me having to warm the mirror up using the shower head to prevent it from misting. It hasn’t rushed like other metal framed mirrors have though. Good quality frame and mirror. Poor mirror coating.

I don’t normally review much as I am a stickler for detail and quality. I took 2 hours to buy tracksuit bottoms once (how sad!). Point is I don’t suffer fools (bad restaurant meals or products) gladly and will criticise but hopefully constructively. All these “so-called” fogless mirrors are pretty bad; tacky and cheap or simply do not work. Related to price and if you are able to attach it to your shower-head pipework and then the shower handle (not all UK shower-heads look like this American style one) then this, in a nutshell, and over many, many years of researching and buying (waiting my money) this type of item, this one is, quite simply, the best. It looks fairly cheap and plasticky (well it is plastic of course !). However… WORKS! It is small and light (more unobtrusive compared too many but easily fits [reflects] even my larger face) and there is no better way to demist than the warm water trickling through the back of the glass in a constant stream. At this price I would be happy to replace every couple of years but my last one lasted 10 albeit having to resort to the “soap trick” (more of that tip in a moment). This only loses one star because of the angle needed (see picture which in my case needs to be same as this) it means the warm water does not stream through the top portion about 1/5th of the mirror remains fogged up. This is easily rectified by simply spinning the mirror around (it moves easily) taking less than 2-3 seconds. his really no big deal compared to some of these mirrors that need to be filled up with warm water (btw- they are probably the best of the “manual” type in my opinion).

Was a bit sceptical about the suction aspect. However these fears were unfounded.Very sturdy, excellent if you want to have a shave in the shower.Very pleased.