Jingobyne Makeup 16 LED adjustable Vanity

Jingobyne Makeup 16 LED adjustable Vanity

Product Description:

Our Jingobyne LED vanity mirror will help ensure you’re always looking

Our Jingobyne LED vanity mirror will help ensure you’re always looking
your best anywhere.

16 bright adjustable LEDs could either provide
ample bright light or be dimmed for a softer light.

With a stand on
back makes it easily to set up on any tabletop. Collapsible for easily

Free exquisite headband is included as gift.

Comments for this product:

I love that this was so easy to assemble, and that I didn’t need ANY tools. The battery compartment on the back is a pop off one, and it doesn’t come with the batteries needed, but since I have a ton of rechargeable batteries, it wasn’t a problem.

I like that this is different from other vanity mirrors in that it has an on / off switch in back for power preservation. The touch sensor on the front of the mirror is really cool, and is my favorite part. The swivel on the mirror is also a great addition to the mirror. Especially with the magnifier so that when I am plucking my eyebrows I can move the mirror so I don’t have to hunch down. THAT gets old super quick…I am able to put the magnifier where ever I like on the mirror because it has 2 suction cups on the back.

The base is sturdy, I was a little worried about it’s ability to hold the mirror because it’s hollow but surprisingly it holds up VERY well! The design is great, it’s well made, it looks as if it’s not even plastic. It is classy and I have no issue leaving this on my vanity. No cords dangling anywhere, thank god, and I would strongly recommend this mirror to anyone.

The lights on the mirror give off a nice warm hue, and perfect for when I am doing my hair and makeup… The size even makes me happy. It’s easy to say that you want a huge mirror, but having one that you can actually move around without straining yourself or having to overly manipulate it in any way. I love it.

I love this LED mirror! It’s classed as a travel mirror due to its light weight and it looks great too. The mirror arrived on time and in a good quality protective box and it’s easy to set up. Just insert 4 x AA batteries (not included) and press the button on the front, that’s it. The LED lights are bright and throw out a lot of light, and the whole unit just looks good. The mirror helps with applying make up and stuff and, now that I’ve got this one with built-in lights, I am sort of wondering how I got by without one before. This is great as a gift or just to treat yourself and I am more than happy with this purchase

I purchased this mirror by Jingobyne and it arrived well packaged and very good protected from any damage in transit. It arrived on time via Amazon Prime. I love it!!!! Its really good quality and very good mirror for make up. I can take it anywhere as it is with led light. The mirror requires 4 x AA batteries (not included), also there in the bottom is an on/off switch and power off button on the back to power save when not in use.
The mirror is lightweight and portable – it is perfect to use everywhere. Also with this mirror arrived and nice hair band.
Overall I’m very happy with my purchase.Thank you again for this great product.

I purchased this mirror for my girlfriend. It arrived packaged well and on time via Amazon Prime.

My girlfriend is always stealing the mirror from the bathroom and not putting it back so i decided to get her one of her own. She loves it!!
It’s ideal for doing her hair or make up as she can take it anywhere in the house and still have the light she requires.

The 16 LED lights really have some power. The mirror is battery operated with a simple on/off power button on the front, but also a handy power off button on the back to power save when not in use.

The mirror is lightweight so is also perfect for travel. The hair band is a nice added extra and bright enough that she can’t misplace it!!

Certainly a good purchase.

This is my review of : Jingobyne Makeup 16 LED adjustable Vanity Mirror, Portable Touch Screen Mirror, Travel Mirror, Shaving Mirror, LED Illuminated Cosmetic Mirror (Batteries Required), Plus Headband.

Genius idea. Very bright lights. Great for close-up makeup application, eyebrow fine-tuning and putting in / taking out contact lenses at the end of the night without needing a bigger light on.

The mirror is large, it looks very sharp, to help in the process of makeup has a 16 LEDs around the mirror that will illuminate the face, soft halo lighting for clear, fog-free viewing, adjustable angles, show your best side, balanced facial light.

There is a battery compartment on the back which takes 4 aa batteries ( not supplied )once batteries are installed then turn on the switch next to the battery compartment and your ready to go.On the front you will see a handy touch on/off button which will also change the brightness off the LEDS if you hold your finger on it.

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