LED Illuminated Suction Mounted 5 Mirror

LED Illuminated Suction Mounted 5 Mirror

‘LED Illuminated Suction Mounted 5 Mirror – 5x Magnified -Battery Operated: Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen & Home’

An excellent little mirror for shaving etc Good illumination, very good magnification and it sits very snugly in its magnetised holder.Highly recommended and at a modest price.

I bought this mirror as I was struggling trying to put in and remove my contact lenses in a not very brightly lit bathroom.
I could not be more pleased with my purchase. The magnification is just right and the led bulbs really are nice and bright. It is very well made and designed and looks great left fixed by the suckers on my tiled wall. A real bargain.

Fantastic fantastic mirror my friends have seen mine and bought one for themselves the only Mirror you need to have for putting your Makeup on, I Put Mine on the Window Mirror and Tiles and Take It Away on Holiday with Me It Is Fantastic

Im finding the magnifying nature of the mirror not ideal

The magnifaction of the mirror is quite strong – so you have to get your face really close to mirror to see your eyes.
Leaving you limited amount manoeuvrability with your fingers with the contact lens in.

I use special Ortho K night time corrective lens that I put in at nightime before sleep – and I find it a pain to get fingers in right position with this mirror.
Also being a travel style mirror – fairly small aperture so you can rotate your head around without losing focus.

Also new set of Energizer batteries knackered in under a month – i wonder if the magnet on the base is pulling charge from the batteries inside the enclosure which are in line of sight of the magnet with a bit of metal in between to separate.

Not the best mirror – if i had more light where i put in contact lens i wouldnt use this and go for a larger mirror non magnified.

Its a good little mirror, great for plucking your eyebrows or something. I ideally wanted it for makeup but its not so good for his as its very small and point of focus is only good in the centre, you don’t get a great view or impression of your eye and face for make up application. Unfortunately I am still on the hunt for a more suitable vanity mirror with lights,

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