LOYWE Cosmetic Wall Mirror standard &

LOYWE Cosmetic Wall Mirror standard &

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+Ideal as a gift. + Risk-free purchase by the Internet Professional sellers

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I have to wear glasses and the thought of never be able to do my eye make-up in a morning was not good. This morrow is amazing, not even can I see where I am putting my make up but can also see how bad my skin needed attention. This mirror was worth every penny and very robust.

i love this shaving mirror it is so strong to look into while shaving it is made so well and looks good on the bathroom wall i can recomend this purchase 10 out of 10

Sent it back because it made my eyes go squiffy looking in it! Had to get so close to get in focus my face was all distorted and my husband would have struggled to get his razor in! Should have tried out different magnifications at a shop before ordering. Heading to B&Q to see what x7 is like!

Think I was a bit adventurous ordering this X10 magnifying mirror for my husband to use whilst shaving should have ordered X5 or X7
But for me it is fabulous – no need for my specs while eyebrow shaping and possibly the best mirror ever if you need to see more that you expected. Also top marks for delivery and the packaging was just perfect, this company knows how to do things properly – thank you I totally recommend this product.

I needed a mirror that would fit into an unusual shaped bathroom where a normal wall mirror would not fit. I shopped around and this was a good buy. It was extremely easy to fit, with good instructions in the box. I would certainly recommend this to anyone.