MX Group Combo Shower Kit 6 Mode Rub Clean Showerhead : Excellent. Looks really nice

MX Group Combo Shower Kit 6 Mode Rub Clean Showerhead : Excellent. Looks really nice

Very good product for the price. . Received this within 2 days of ordering and was very surprised by the quality. The actual spray from the shower head is far more powerful than any other i have purchased before. Yes the fittings are plastic but i think you will find that most are. It is very simple to fit and i had it on the wall, secured and working within 10 minutes of opening. I didn`t actually put the soap dish or the figure of 8 loop on the kit as i have found in the past these are a waste of time and actually get in the way. However if you did want to add these it would not take any longer to assemble. The only negative is the side adjustor. It seems very stiff but hey it might just be because my old one was so worn out.

I haven’t actually installed or used this yet, but compared with another well known make which i ended up sending back it is much better in design, function and quality.

Shower head is good it’s easily changed to suit everyones preferences.

Key specs for MX Group Combo Shower Kit 6 Mode Rub Clean Showerhead – Chrome:

  • Shower kit including showerhead, hose, riser rail and soap dish
  • Six mode rub clean showerhead
  • High flow 1.50 m metal shower hose
  • Hose fits standard showerheads and showers
  • 685 mm length by 25 mm diameter riser rail and push button height adjuster

Comments from buyers

“Great replacement easy to fit and far cheaper to buy than a Mira replacement, ABSOLUTE SHOWER !!!, Very good product for the price.”

I purchased this to replace my existing shower unit which is years old. Everything was fine fixing it apart from this. I tried to fix it into the existing rawplugs. I found that the provided screws were not big enough. Not thick enough and too short. Then i drilled the wall to fit the provided rawplugs. Same thing happened, screws too thin, too short. Did not hold the bottom bracket when screwing in the top bracket. I am fortunate enough to have a self employed bathroom fitter living close to me.

Its a nice product, and good price. The hose should be a bit longer. It wont reach if you are going from bath mixer taps to a 6ft high installation. I had to pop out to hardware shop and buy a longer hose. Other than that, its a nice product, and good price.

Used this set to replace my old shower. Simply unscrewed the previous one and screwed this one in its place. Hardly a 15 minute effort and no specialist skills required. The hose is a decent size and quite flexible so easily reaches out to anywhere you want. There are a number of settings you can go for on the shower head and you will definitely find something to suit you. I did not install the eco rings in the hose so i get the full pressure which is amazing.