Premier Housewares Floorstanding Cabinet : Attractive cabinet

Premier Housewares Floorstanding Cabinet : Attractive cabinet

Generally satisfied with the purchase. It’s okay, and does the job. Not as well-made as i’d expect for the price – looks a bit cheap, and the doors don’t fit together perfectly. Also the directions were not clear: the pictures were small and difficult to make out sometimes, and clearly some of the components had changed since they’d made the design, but you could get the gist of it.

Great looking cupboard, easy to put together. However, the doors are not very secure (even when you follow the instructions exactly), they can be pulled off easily by little hands. They can be just as easily slotted back in and don’t get damaged or haven’t so far but it does cheapen the product. I’d definitely recommend, that’s just something to be aware of. The rest is easy to clean, nice size, holds plenty and really makes a difference to a previously cluttered bathroom.

Fantastic little unit that will smarten up and add class to any bathroom. Premier housewares portland under sink cabinet – whitewe initially were delivered the wrong unit, however purchased this elsewhere. The build quality is superb for the price and although the instructions are a little bit confusing and the doors were initially very initially very slightly misaligned over time this has disappeared. It comes with a shelf and a cut out from the base to the top for the sink pedestal (including the shelf) – i know this is something most descriptions don’t include, so it will fit around it with ease. For mine sink it left plenty of room around the pedestal and still gave plenty of storage space around it on the centre shelf and base. It also leaves room to store things around the side of the top of the unit. All in all a very sturdy and strong unit with great build quality and will add a certain charm and class to any bathroom. Also must add with time and water – the top is sort of laminated and the unit has stood the test of time with no damage to the wood or surface and it cleans easily as a result. Here are the specifications for the Premier Housewares Floorstanding Cabinet:

  • White MDF Floorstanding Cabinet with Shelf
  • Panelled Hinged Door
  • Chrome handle
  • Space Saving Cabinet for Storage and Organisation
  • Height 70 cm x Width 40 cm x Depth 30 cm

Undersink cabinet by premier housewares. The shelves have a curve cut out for the pedestal. One drawback for me is that i’ll have to get someone to enlarge the shelf curves a bit to fit round my pedestal, but that is not the fault of the maker so it does not detract from the five star rating. The top of the cupboard would fit in very well.

I don’t really know what i was expecting from flat pack furniture. Instructions on a small piece of paper, tiny pictures, extremely vague – how expensive is a couple of sheets of papers, really??. If you’ve had experience with flat pack furniture i’m sure you can figure it out though. Magnet to hold doors closed close to impossible to attach due to screws being too small and the wood being fairly low quality so the screw wouldn’t stick in the hole, going to have to glue it on with superglue. Door handles made of cheap plastic. Seemed flimsy during the construction, once the back panel was screwed on though it felt much more solid. There is still a 6inch gap behind the unit between it and the wall, although it doesn’t look too bad and my sink is quite big. You can’t fit a great deal into it but it’s a nice tidy bit of space saving, i think getting a cabinet was worth it in the end. Looks nice, just wish i’d saved myself £20 and gone with something cheaper though, since they seem pretty much the same thing.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Looks great – a real improvement to our bathroom at a reasonable price.
  • Bathroom cabinet
  • Sturdy, good looking. Small shallow shelves

Should have read the other reviews. I thought this was a cabinet with a shelf inside not a drop down. We can use it so not sending back but it’s not terribly practical. Plus the item was not drilled with all the holes needed to fit the screws. Other than that – a useful size and fits the space. Can’t expect much for the price.

Really great quality for the price. A little hard to put together by yourself but absolutely doable.