Premier Housewares Large Rectangle Free Standing

Premier Housewares Large Rectangle Free Standing

Product Description:

Large rectangle free standing adjustable mirror on chrome base.

Box Contains

  • 1 × Free Standing Adjustable Mirror On Chrome Base
  • Comments for this product:

    The mirror looked good online. When I received it, it was broken. On examination the build quality, in my opinion, was flimsy and not what you would expect. Returned and credited.

    The word ‘premier’ would leave you to think you were getting something of a superior quality……..don’t be fooled! The hinge at the back of the mirror didn’t work at all so therefore the mirror was not adjustable. Not suitable for purpose.

    Very disappointed with this product, obviously no quality control as mirror was badly scratched and marked. It cost me £7.99 for original postage and £13 to return and they only refund £3.30 postage, so when balance of cost price refunded I end up £17 out of pocked for a shoddy service. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

    It’s a real shame because if this had arrived in good condition I would have loved it. It arrived in a sturdy Amazon box. Inside that was the manufacturers box and then inside that was the mirror. I would have expected the mirror to be protected in polystyrene or a clever bit of cardboard origami, but no, it had the slightest amount of cardboard and was left to float around in the box. The mirror separated from the stand and became further damaged. Good product, bad packaging.

    This Mirror arrived with part of the Mirror Glass missing and the back completely broken off. It seems to be a very cheap piece of kit and I wouldn’t want it gracing my Bathroom.
    I have returned for a Refund and this is the first item I have ever had to do that with since using Amazon for many years.

    Dissapointed is an understatement.