Premier Housewares Shaving Mirror – Chrome

Premier Housewares Shaving Mirror – Chrome

Product Description:

Shaving mirror chrome on stand.

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    Comments for this product:

    This was bought for my 12yo Son and not a gift. I wouldn’t recommend this as a gift as it’s very cheap looking and incredibly flimsy. We can’t turn the mirror as the one side feels like it will snap if we do so we keep it set and know not to touch it. In my opinion it would be a very embarrassing gift!
    It does what we wanted it too but for how long were not sure!

    Good for the price, no problems with it. Although quite cheap it is still good quality and would recommend if you are looking for a basic double sided mirror

    Does everything it says on the tin, looks nice and is functional and arrived quickly it has been very useful in a bathroom with very little space.

    This is an ok product but does feel a little cheap. For the price it isn’t bad but I was expecting something a little better. It feels quite flimsy and makes a crunching noise when you spin the mirror round. I wouldn’t recommend this product.

    It’s ok for the money. The base isn’t solid and feels like it will fall over (although it hasn’t at this point) and looks cheap. But it does the job (I can see myself in it).

  • philips