Rio 10 X Magnification Mirror with Light

Rio 10 X Magnification Mirror with Light

Rio 10 X Magnification Mirror with Light: Beauty

What a super small mirror. The magnification and the light are very good. I’m getting old and my eye sight went decades ago. I bought this mirror in the hope that I could see those facial hairs a woman does not want to own up to. Bingo, this mirror certainly showed them up with its good magnification, even without my spectacles on. Honestly, I was shocked to see how many hairs I had on the underside of my chin. All you woman of a certain age out there know what I am talking about. All of a sudden you wake up one morning and there are those dreaded hairs. Well, with this mirror they are easily to spot and tweezer out. It is also beneficial for putting on makeup, especially on eyelining the upper and lower lids when you need a close up shot. I cannot sing the praises of this small mirror enough. I would recommend it as a good purchase and its price is reasonable. The measurement of the mirror in diameter is 3.5″ or 9cm. It is lightweight and easy to store in a handbag or luggage.

Being a male of the metrosexual vain type I like to keep my brows tidy by keeping wayward and wild hairs to a minimum. For this task I’ve used various magnifying mirrors before settling upon the Tweezerman mirror with light. I’d been happily using this for ages until one day I dropped it and broke the mirror.
Arrghhh! Seven years bad luck!
Actually this isn’t so because as I went to buy a new one I came across this mirror by Rio. This was good luck as it’s much better than my Tweezerman one was being larger and with a brighter light. I love it!
If you value portability then be aware that this mirror is about twice the thickness of the Tweezerman and probably is about 20% bigger in the circumference of the glass. (these are only my guesses and not exact). It’s still very portable and not a problem for me but it’s always best to be aware before ordering.

See things more clearly with the Rio 10 X Magnification Mirror. The 10 X
Magnifying Mirror has to be experienced. It is compact , has optional suction
pads for attachment to any other mirror or smooth surface and a built in battery
operated light for a clearer view letting you insert contact lenses , apply
make-up and tweeze with ease!

Box Contains

I can’t recommend this mirror enough it is excellent. Although I have a x10 magnifying mirror without the light, it’s obviously the light that makes all the difference when it comes to seeing the tiny hairs which need removing! Also great for checking that your make up is evenly applied. I would highly recommend this mirror to anyone especially if your eyesight isn’t what it used to be, you might get a surprise when you look into it!

This mirror is just what I was looking for and more. My bedroom is poorly lit and my eyesight isn’t brilliant. I love the fact that it fixes to the wardrobe mirror/door so is just the right height, it has a light which lights my face for that mirror and the main mirror, and the 10x magnification means you don’t miss a thing. I understand why some people have said that is too much magnification, but as long as you don’t obsess about the close up view of your every wrinkle and pore, and just want to catch those stray facial hairs, it is perfect.

Very good for precision shaping of eyebrows and a must for ladies of a certain age with the odd rogue facial hair. The light is very useful and the mirror give magnification so you can easily see the shortest hairs that need to be removed. The suckers on the back will stick on to an existing stand mirror so you can angle it precisely.

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