Sunwaly Shave Apron Trim Your Beard

Sunwaly Shave Apron Trim Your Beard

Product Description:

No More MESS! Tired Of Your Man Messing Up Your Bathroom? Simply Because He
Says It’s Boring And Time Consuming? NOW You Can CHANGE That And With Darwins
Beard Catcher He Will Never Mess Up Your Sink Again!
No More Constantly
Congested and Clogging Sink! Stuffing and Cleaning The Hair Into The Sink Is an
Awful Idea! Darwins Beard Catcher Will Save You The Plumber And Put It Nicely To
Your Bin Without Any Effort!
So EASY and SIMPLE Shaving! Simply Attach The
Suction Cups On Mirror And Push The Handle Down (See Instructions On The Back,
So Easy!), Attach It Around Your Neck and Start Shaving!
100% Money Back
Guarantee! If You Don’t Like The Product We Guarantee 100% Money Back With No
Questions Asked!
We recommend the correct use of methods: 1: the suction
line hanging in the bathroom mirror 2: Two corners hanging in the suction cup
buckle and the other end of the cloth in the neck wearing a good 3: you can
easily shave, the beard will not fall in the washing tray, let your girlfriend
happy 4: When you handle your beard , First beard cloth from the suction hook to
get rid of messy beard in the trash, then the beard on the mirror to remove the

Comments for this product:

Nice Idea, But Once you wore it,
You can’t moved away,
You can’t see the wash basin,

Rubbish suction cap

Bit tricky, But i needed like this one with some better idea.

The idea is good. But many downfalls…

The plastic on the suction cups are very flimsy and one broke on first use!!! There is no little lip/handle on the cup itself to peel them off the mirror and the plastic is not strong enough to take the force needed to get the cup off.

The apron is so wide, you need a very wide mirror to stretch the apron out. If you can stretch it as far as you need, it creates a gap between the mirror and apron to miss catching the trimming. An extra one or two holes to hang the apron up would be useful.

I trim my beard about 30cm from the mirror, so the apron is far too big and baggy.

Again, great idea, just a lot to work on. Overall very dissapointed

Brilliant product! Works as advertised. Girlfriend is happy. What more could you want?
Quality of the apron is decent and feels really smooth and good, just like the more expensive rivals. Why pay £15+ when you can buy this one?

This was bought for my son as his girlfriend is fed up with beard hair all over the bathroom- they are both happy with the product and ease of use though unsure how sturdy the product will be when in regular use.

poor. the suction cups are near impossible to get off the mirror without yanking them, the hooks don’t securely hold the apron so sometimes the whole thing falls away (making the issue even worse as it ends up spreading hair even further). and the design of the apron doesnt create a trough for the hair to fall into, instead it sits on you much like the aprons in a barbers (i.e. when the hair falls into it, it doesnt collect in the middle, it falls away at the sides) – see the picture… its not concave like that, it’s more convex.

don’t waste your money.