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Medipaq ® Slide Glides 2″ – FURNITURE GLIDERS

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Just the job for my heavy foot stool now slides effortlessly across the carpet. Keep falling off bottom of settee. Table slides easily over short-pile carpet. . Our ikea table would not slide at all on our conservatory carpet, so we took off the ikea sliders and replaced them with these. The table now slides […]

We can now move the room round to change the room use or to clean the floor. Every large chair, table etc should have these fillted as standard. We have put these gliders on all kinds of furniture and they work very well, stopping the wear and tear on the joints of chairs especially. I […]

Really good to move big items and stop flooring getting damaged. Worked exactly as they were meant to and helped us. Worked exactly as they were meant to and helped us move a heavy furniture, so much easier than having to lift them. Make moving furniture a lot easier to move around,. I have put […]