Tatkraft Aurora Wall Mounted Extending Mirror

Tatkraft Aurora Wall Mounted Extending Mirror

Product Description:

Easy to fit. Looks good. Good value. Works perfectly. Double sided, true
image and 3X magnification. Swivel and length adjustable. Mirror extends to 56

Comments for this product:

This is a good quality product but had a problem with fixing it to the wall completely upright as the screw holes were not in line and so the mirror moved of it’s own accord. However, we managed to rectify this ourselves. I feel 5* is too much but would gladly give 4.5*.

Very nice product. Looks good in the bathroom. Does it’s job. A great help with shaving. Tends to come unscrewed which is a slight problem for which I docked it one star. I solved this by unscrewing the mirror, dabbing the exposed screw with a little varnish and screwing the mirror back on as tight as possible. Once dry the varnish sticks to the screw & the mirror is locked on. Great.

Received this item in record time! Well packaged and well priced. It was purchased to replace one I already had over 10 years ago, from a different supplier. and was looking worn, ( not surprisingly !! ) so I now have a lovely new shiny one!

Arrived on time but had little cracks in the mirror all the way around it so i am returning it.

I wont replace it with the same model, i will try another make as it looks a little cheap (even thought i suppose the price is very cheap!!).

Sadly “Tatcraft” proved to be too much of an omen. No problem with mirror. But build quality is poor, and after about 10-15 uses, the thin metal is no longer able to grip the bush which slides up and down the shaft, meaning the mirror cannot be positioned properly anymore.

Yet another example of design-by-student. The proper design would have been to have made the bush fixing more robust.