Tatkraft EOS Free Standing Swivel Shaving

Tatkraft EOS Free Standing Swivel Shaving

Product Description:

Good value. Very convenient to use. Chrome finish. Modern design. Plus true
image reflection. Swivel mirror 17 cm in diameter. 2 X Magnification

Comments for this product:

This mirror is just what I wanted, the design is pleasing and the magnification is great. The mirror is a good practical size. The price is very good and the delivery was speedy with no problems. I’m very pleased.

It’s a good mirror for the price. Magnified on one side and normal of the other. Doesn’t take up lots of room which is why I got it in the first place. However mine is a bit off balance so it’s easy to knock over or think you’ve placed it down only to have it fall over. For the price is good and I’ll accept the uneven-Ness of the stand.

Well packed.

This is a very attractive mirror and sits easily on a narrow shelf The image it gives is clear and enhances one’s features beautifully. Thank you for your good service and this most welcome product. Your advertisement is indeed very helpful.

While a somewhat higher magnification (but not TOO high – we got a 10X one which was just scary!) would be good, our main requirement was for a mirror which would ‘sit’ safely on the top edge of a wood-framed chevalier, in front of our bathroom window. We had one once, but I accidentally knocked it off its perch and broke it – the bad luck being that it has proved very difficult to find a suitable replacement. Most shaving/make-up mirrors are on a ‘stalk’ stand, or one with large, heavy feet which overbalance the thing; or else it’s impossible to tighten the fastenings at the sides, so the mirror will not grip onto the chevalier frame. This one does what we want it to do, so we are happy.

Very well made mirror. I have been impressed with the attention to finish that this item has. Even before I took it from the packaging I was struck by the way it felt more heavy that similar same style mirrors I have owned in the past.
I closely inspected the mirrored surfaces and found them to be in perfect condition, the 3x magnified side is by far the best I have ever seen. I was able to find no faults anywhere, even when looking from various angles.
I am very happy with this product!
I would highly recommend it to others.