Tool Tech 60cm Pine Wood Shelf Kit : exactly as it claims to be

Tool Tech 60cm Pine Wood Shelf Kit : exactly as it claims to be

The magic pixies must have been up and about early today, because when i came downstairs at 07:30 the shelf kit was sitting on the doormat waiting for me. I never heard it arrive and it had obviously fitted through the standard-sized letter box flap without difficulty. A usefully-sized item; the only observation i have is that the pre-drilled holes in the wall mounts were off-centre, which made assembly rather awkward and means that a spirit level is really essential – hence 4 rather than 5 stars. I used ronseal wood varnish to darken the pine. A bit awkward on the brackets, but the shelf itself looked great after just one coat – and the shelf was ready for use before mid-day.

Very pleased with these shelves. Arrived swiftly and didn’t dent the bank balance. Put them on the wall recently and house ornaments and one a small tv.

Great shelf for a modest price, paintable too. Quality is alright but cracked after cutting the length down to match a particular wall. I have still used it and it paintable and now it looks great.

Key specs for Tool Tech 60cm Pine Wood Shelf Kit:

  • Includes brackets and fixings
  • Elegantly styled
  • Easy assembly
  • Ready to paint, stain and varnish

Comments from buyers

“exactly as it claims to be, Just what I needed!, Look great! Especially for the price!”

The shelf was ok for it’s purpose. The fittings weren’t the correct size so some manual corrections had to be made.

Also not easy to screw to the wall. Wood is rough so expect to paint it. Also not easy to screw to the wall. Also there is no holes for hammering the nails through the shelf to the bracket.

This is an untreated wooden shelf, exactly as it claims to be. Sturdy, comes with it’s own brackets and arrived in double-quick time, what more could you ask for?.