Wenko 4340033100 Chrome Door Shelf : Great shelving just what I needed inside the airing cupboard

Wenko 4340033100 Chrome Door Shelf : Great shelving just what I needed inside the airing cupboard

Bought this to go on the back of the pantry door to create extra storage. Screwed it in place as door was too wide for hangers – which were easily removed by bending backwards and forwards a few times as the metal is perforated. Holds small jars and lots of packets, all the little things that get ‘lost’ on the big shelves.

Wow super fast deliverover the moon very easy to assemble really strong not flimsy at all i’m delightedi decided that i did not use all my space efficiently so de cluttered all my drawers this was one of my first purchases and it has made my life so much easier i am disabled and find it very difficult to bend under sinks that’s where the products were stored before now it’s so easy.

Worked a treat – stores plenty of items although had to saw metal fixings to fit it to a flat tiled wall, which was simple.

Key specs for Wenko 4340033100 Chrome Door Shelf with 4 Storage Baskets, 49.5 x 109 x 14 cm:

  • Additional storage space for kitchen, bathroom or utility room
  • Four large storage baskets for kitchen utensils or provisions
  • Suitable for hooking in to door rebates of 2-4 cm
  • Screwed wall mounting also possible
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 49,5 x 109 x 14 cm

Comments from buyers

“Absolutely brilliant, Easy assembly. Pics of instructions. You might need to sand the top of your door., A better description would have been helpful”

It’s great for storage in small rooms. It’s great for storage in small rooms. We have several in our bathrooms and they can store a lot of things. The only downside is that things do topple over in them easily which wouldn’t happen if the shelves were solid rather than strips of metal.

This thing is amazing, or at least as amazing as you could possibly get for a storage item. When i first opened the package i wasn’t sure if this would be stable enough, as it is so big, and the poles comes in 4 separate pieces. However they slotted together perfectly and once placed on the door, and the baskets slotted on. (with ease i might add) it seems like a sturdy piece of kit, and believe me this thing can hold a tonne of stuff. (see photo)what i didn’t realise when i ordered was that the item comes with two sets of brackets. One set for doors up to 2 centimetres and the other for doors up to 4 centimetres. 5cms and the item is holding up really well to all the weight we have subjected to it. I am assuming however that if using the 2cm brackets you would probably have to be a little more friendly to it and put less weight in it.

Good does the job and would buy more if i needed them.